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Maximize Your Conversions with Compelling Local Deals for Social Media

Are you ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level? Local Deal IQ is here to help you achieve just that. Say goodbye to hefty ad spends and hello to irresistible offers that convert like never before

Need To Get Customers Quickly?

Tired of Wasting Money On Ads?

Online Ads can be great... or they can be frustrating and cost a lot of money. 

Is Your Business Growth Flat?

Has your revenue dropped off and your business isn't growing the way it should?

Lead Costs Too High?

The cost of getting new customers is taking too much out of your profit margins.

Get Customers Fast With Our Local Deal IQ Package

Here's What's Included (and why it works)

The fastest way to get new customers is to create a compelling offer with a limited time discount, and promote it through eye-catching social media to drive fast action, and then gently remind them to buy after they claim the offer. 

  • Proven Offer Creation: Craft offers that entice your audience, complete with optional limited quantity and/or countdown features.

  • Landing Page: Take advantage of our high-converting landing pages, with the option for A/B testing to ensure optimal performance.

  • Trackable Redemption Page: Monitor your offer's performance and redemption rates. Each person who claims the offer gets their own unique redemption page.

  • Social Media Magic: Let us handle the heavy lifting. We'll create and post your offers on social media platforms twice a day during your deal's active timeframe.

  • Email and SMS Follow-up: Stay engaged with your audience with our robust email and SMS follow-up system to gently remind them to redeem the offer.

  • Prospect and Customer Lists:  Build and nurture your prospect and customer lists to ensure lasting success.

For just $300 per month and a one-time setup fee of $500, you can unlock the full potential of this package.

Looking for More? Check Out Our Add-ons:

We understand that your business may have unique needs. That's why we offer a range of add-ons to supercharge your digital marketing efforts. Choose from:

  • Website Offer Module: Enhance your website's performance with this module to put the offer on their website and take advantage of the traffic you are already getting to improve conversions and make sales, available for just $200 per month and a $200 setup fee.
  • Groupon Offer Cloning Module: Duplicate the success of your competitors Groupon offers with ease... without having to give up signifcant percentages to Groupon. This module is available for $200 per month, with a $200 setup fee.
  • Video Offer Module: Harness the power of video marketing to drive people to your Local Deal IQ offer page with this exciting module. For just $300 per month and a $200 setup fee, take your campaigns to the next level.

Get Started Today and Watch Your Conversions Soar and Let our Professional Team Manage it for you...

(and get it done for a fraction of what it would cost you to hire a big marketing firm to do it)

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