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Target the Customers of Your Competitors with Mobile Display Ads

Chances are, your competitors already have customers that could be your customers too. With hyper-local geo-fenced targeting, you can run ads to the customers of your competitors!


Target Customers Who Might Already Like or Need Your Business

Hyper-local targeting is an amazing technology that uses geo-fencing to identify people who go into the geo-fenced zone, provided that they have their mobile phone on with the location settings also on.

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Run Ads to Potential Customers Who Use Similar Services

There are so many ways to use hyper-local targeted ads, including running ads to people who use a similar service, or a service that indicate they may also need the solutions your company has to offer. 

Think about what products or solutions your potential customer needs. For example, if you sell sports equipment, apparel and nutrition products you might want to target the customers of specific gyms or even schools.

Show Mobile Ads to Potential Customers Who Visit Your Competitors

This is where it gets really interesting. Imagine if you are a Mexican Restaurant… you can target the customers of all your competitor restaurants in your area.  Or how about a Tire and Lube Shop… you can target other Tire and Lube Centers as well as the local car dealerships. 

Convert customer of your competitors by creating a compelling mobile ad to get them to become your customer!



Hyper-Local and Geo-Fencing Ads Done For You

We will build your target ad area or use a list of the addresses of your compeitiors. We’ll also design the ads to display on all the mobile ad platforms. We can even deliver ads to people who visited that location as far back as 12 months!

Our team even includes the ad spend to deliver the mobile ads.


Target your competitors customers with mobile display ads

  • Ad Design banner sets to support all mobile ad platforms
  • Targeting of up to 1,000 competitor locations
  • Target anyone who has been to a competitor’s location in the last 12 months to receive your mobile ads wherever they go
  •  Call and form tracking to measure results
  • Monthly reporting
  • 3 month minimum - Includes ad spend

Reach More Customers with Mobile Advertising Done Right

Stop wasting money or worrying about how generate leads. Let our advertising experts design, target and run ads to the customers of your competitors to turn them into your customers.

Hyper-Local Mobile Ad Campaigns for only $300/month

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