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Build a Super Highway to Your Business with Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

Generating leads from  a customer who wants to buy is what every business wants. Creating an effective Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad can generate high quality leads for your business fast.

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Potential Customers Delivered to Your Business

Jumpstart your business with leads from Google. Don’t wait months for an SEO program to kick in… by that time your potential customers may have already gone with a competitor. Building targeted ads on Google can make sure your business is seen when customers are looking.


Not Every Business Can Afford SEO But Still Needs Leads

Search Engine Optimization is great if you can afford it. But every business doesn’t need it, and chances are it costs a lot more than you think. 

Jump to the top of the page with PPC Ads that are designed to generate leads from customers who are ready to buy without having to wait - or pay for - SEO.

Stop Wasting Money on Bad Clicks

Sadly too many businesses waste money on Google Ads and have a bad impression because it’s easy to create a Google Ad campaign, but it’s hard to do it right. We’ve solved that problem. with PPC Ads IQ.



Run Ads When Buyers Express Intent to Buy

Our PPC Ads IQ program focused on getting your ads displayed on Google with your buyer expresses intent to buy. We make sure your ad spend is focused on getting leads from those customers after they indicate that they are looking for a product or service.

Our team optimizes your Google Ads to get the best performance from each campaign to maximize your ad spend!   


Generate leads fast with Google Ads

  • Buyer intention focused campaign set up based on keywords and location
  • Fully managed and optimized campaign
  •  Call and form tracking to measure results
  • Monthly reporting
  • 3 month minimum - does NOT include ad spend

Fill Your Pipeline with Google Ads Done Right

Stop wasting money or worrying about how generate leads. Let Google Certified team deliver qualified leads to your business (and get it done for a fraction of what it costs using SEO).

Google Pay-Per-Click Optimized Ad Campaigns for only $300/month

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