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Build Your List With A Referral Army


Gamify and incentivize your customers and turn them into a referral army to help you build your list and grow your business with our Smart Text IQ Viral Referral System add-on!

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Watch the Video Below to See How Our Viral Referral System Works and How It Will Grow Your Business!

GOAL: Get Customers In and Get Them to Spend Money

We Provide Everything You Need To Grow Your Marketing Agencies Recurring Revenue

Convert Potential Customers to Sales

Revenue Growth Rule #1

GOAL: Get Customers In and Get Them to Spend Money

Convert your referrals from your customers into loyal customers today!

Revenue Growth Rule #2 - Build Your List, Grow Your Revenue

Create Raving Fans and an Army of Promoters

Turn a Single SMS Lead into 6-8 Leads every time you drive that new lead to an opt-in page to claim an offer.

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Revenue Growth Rule #3

More People on Your List Means More Repeat Business

Adding the Viral Referral System to Smart Text IQ is a great way to build your list and the most cost effective way to generate more revenue for your business!

With our smart text marketing tools, you can stop chasing leads and start closing deals instantly.

This new technology lets you build on high-value engagements – creating a unique experience for prospects and customers.

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